Greece , one of the most important centers in the history of philosophy , is the Hellenic Civilization.It is a continuation of. It is considered to have pioneered the world in subjects such as philosophy, theater, literature, history, mathematics and politics with its roots dating back to Ancient Greece. Its official name is the Hellenic Republic. History BC Greece, which dates back to the 3,000s, is naturally one of the countries that attract a lot of attention in terms of cultural tourism. With the capture of Alexander the Great, the region entered the Hellenistic Period, thus Greek Culture had the opportunity to spread to the east. After the Hellenistic Period, the Roman Empire period started and the Greek Civilization increased its influence thanks to this largest empire in history. With the fall of Rome, the Byzantine Period began. The region came under Ottoman rule in the 15th century and remained under its rule for three hundred years. 

Things to Know About Greece

“You must see the view of Greece, it will make your heart move.”-Lawrance Durrell
Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey’s neighbor Greece, with its ancient history, beautiful islands and beaches, is one of the indispensable points of both a sea and a cultural holiday.

Where is Greece?

Located in the south of the Balkans, Greece borders Turkey in the east and Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria in the north.

When to go to Greece

Greece is under the influence of the typical Mediterranean climate with very hot summers and mild and rainy winters . However, the Mediterranean Mountain climate prevails in the mountainous regions and in the northern parts, where the winters are harsher. While the average temperature is 7° in winter, the temperature rises up to 35° in summer. You can choose Greece for a summer holiday or visit the ancient structures in the spring months to the fullest and comfortably. 

Greek Cuisine

Of course, Mediterranean cuisine is dominant in Greece. Vegetable dishes with olive oil are in the foreground. It also shows significant similarities with the cuisine of our country. For this reason, we think that you will not have a hard time finding flavors that suit your taste in Greece.

We recommend you to try the kremnidokeftedes , which we can call the onion  stew, the souvlaki from the skewer dishes,  the sikotakia , the chicken liver dish  , the seafood and the delicious Greek salads.

Some of the food names are very similar to the names in our country. Therefore, we think that you will not have a hard time choosing.  


  • Dinner In The Sky (Athens) : How about having your dinner suspended in the air? The restaurant offers you this different experience.
  • Karamanlidika (Athens): It will be a very suitable choice for an affordable and delicious meal. (The restaurant does not have an English website)
  • Elia (Crete): An ideal place to taste local Cretan dishes made from the region’s products and olive oil.
  • Eftolau Restaurant (Lesvos): A restaurant that stands out with its delicious seafood is located on Eftolau Beach with the same name.
  • Hotzas Taverna (Chios): A cozy and warm place that serves delicious dishes made to Greek standards, as well as a vegetarian menu.
  • Stella Restaurant (Samos): You will love this place, which is famous for its fresh and delicious food as well as the warmth of its employees.
  • Lofaki Cafe Restaurant (Kos): The restaurant with a magnificent view is ideal for a pleasant and unforgettable dinner.
  • Ok Restaurant (Rhodes): You will also love this restaurant, where there are queues in front of it, thanks to its delicious treats, food and the warmth of its employees.
  • Nice N Easy (Mykonos): A restaurant admired for its seafood, Greek salads and tapas, as well as meat dishes.
  • To Psaraki (Santorini): Located in a relatively quiet part of the island, this restaurant offers very delicious fish dishes accompanied by a unique view.

TIP IN GREECE-  It is not mandatory to leave a tip in Greece, but if you are satisfied with the service, you can leave a tip of 2 Euros. Apart from that, taxi drivers generally expect tips.

Shopping in Greece

From Greek local clothes to handicrafts and handmade sandals; It is a country that offers a wide range of shopping opportunities ranging from precious tiles to pure olive oil, sweet wines and soaps. Due to the highly developed tourism, we do not think that you will have any difficulties in finding souvenirs either in Athens or in other islands.
Even in the small villages of the islands, you can easily find original products that you can present to yourself or your loved ones.

While shopping, do not be surprised if you see products that you think are unique to our country, such as evil eye beads, rosary beads, and blue tiles!

Greece Festivals

Numerous festivals are held in the country’s small towns and cities throughout the year. Major festivals, on the other hand, include theater, dance and film festivals, which are usually held outdoors during the summer months.

  • Apocries Carnival: February
  • Xanthi Carnival: March
  • Patras International Film Festival: June
  • Arda’s Festival: July
  • Kalamata International Dance Festival: July
  • Athens Lukebetus Festival: All summer long
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival: November

Greece Public Holidays

  • New Year’s Day – January 1
  • Enlightenment Day -6 January
  • Independence Day- 25 March
  • Easter: The Easter holiday, which coincides with different dates each year, is on May 1 in 2016.
  • Ohi Day – October 28
  • Christmas Holiday – December 25-26

Greece Useful Information

  • Polis: 100
  • Ambulance: 166
  • Vehicle Failure: 104 00
  • Athens Airport: 00 30 210 3530000
  • Cruises: 1451-1444

Greek Currency

Greece uses the Euro , the official currency of the European Union .

Official Language of Greece

The official language of the country is Greek . However, Turkish, Macedonian, Albanian and Armenian, which are spoken by minorities, are also spoken. It should also be noted that the most intensively used foreign language in the country is English.

  • Thank you: Sas efharisto
  • Very good: Poli kala
  • Please, I beg you: Parakalo
  • How are you?: Tı Kanete
  • Have a nice day: Na ehete kali imera
  • How can I go to ….: Pos boro na pao
  • What is the price?: Pooso kaani

Greece Time Difference

There is no time difference between our country and Greece, which is in the same time zone.

Cities of Greece

Athens, the capital of Greece, which has a deep-rooted history, is one of the cities that attract the most attention. Below you can find a list of cities in Greece, about which you can find information on our site.

Where to Stay in Greece

It is quite easy to find accommodation in Greece, which is a highly developed country in terms of tourism, but you should not leave your job to chance to find affordable, more importantly, clean and quality services. Especially since Athens is covered with a very good metro and bus network, it is possible to spend your holiday at a more affordable price if you prefer the surrounding hotels rather than the center. On the small islands, you can choose the hotels and hostels in the surrounding area, as transportation will be quite comfortable. We recommend you to choose small hostels instead of hotels, especially on the islands.

Transportation in Greece

Transportation in Greece  is provided by developed land, sea and air. Almost all major centers have airports. In addition, the capital Athens has one of the oldest metro networks in the world. However, it cannot be said that this metro network relieves Athens traffic. It is possible to experience traffic problems at any time of the day.
Taxi fares are quite affordable compared to many European countries. If you want to rent a car in Athens, you have to pay at least 40 Euros. 

Athens Metro Lines

Athens has three metro networks: blue, green and red. It serves between 05:30-02:30 on Fridays and Saturdays, and between 05:30-00:30 on other days. Tickets are a little more expensive than the bus.

Athens Bus Routes

In addition to the metro, buses are also one of Athens’ important means of transportation. Buses and trolleybuses reach every part of the city and serve between 05:00 in the morning and 24:00 in the night. You have the chance to buy tickets daily or weekly. Full ticket price: 1.20 Euros.

It is possible to obtain tickets for public transportation from offices or ticket machines. Before getting into the vehicle, you need to have your ticket read and validated from the machines (validation machine). Otherwise, you may pay a penalty. In public transport, a one-day ticket costs 4 Euros, while a 5-day ticket costs 10 Euros.

Transportation from Athens Elefterinos Venizelos Airport to the City Center


You can easily reach the city center (Syntagma) from the airport with the blue metro network numbered M3. You can get help not to be confused with the Piraeus trains departing from the same platform. To go to Piraeus, you need to transfer to the M1 line from the city center. It should be noted that there are ferry services to almost all the islands from Piraeus, the closest port to Athens.


You can use the X95 bus line to go from the airport to the city center (Syntagma), and the X96 line to go from Piraeus to the airport. Since the bus journey may be longer due to traffic, we recommend you to use the metro in order not to waste time.


If you prefer to go from the airport to the city center by taxi, you have to pay an average of 40 Euros.

Places to visit in Greece


Athens is the most important and crowded city in Greece, which is home to historical sites that can take a week to visit alone. It was named after the goddess Athena.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Athens is the Acropolis, which is located in a high area and is seen in almost all Athens photographs. It literally means “high city”. It is recommended to visit it especially in the spring season, when the stifling temperatures are not experienced, in order to examine it to the fullest and to breathe the air of the hundreds of years old buildings in the city.

The most important building in the Acropolis is the 2,500-year-old Parthenon temple built in the name of the god Athena. The temple, which was used as a mosque in the Ottoman rule, was also used as an arsenal for a while. The statues found in the temple are in the British Museum today. Adults need to pay 12 euros and students 6 euros to visit the Acropolis.

The famous Constitution Square is also located in the city centre. In order not to keep your expectations high, let’s also mention that the square, which also hosts the Unknown Soldier Monument, is quite small.

The most important museums in Athens are: Acropolis Museum , National Archaeological Museum , Benaki , Cycladic Art, Byzantine Museum, War Museum and Ancient Agora Museum.

Greek Islands


Santorini, one of the most preferred islands of Greece, has unique red and black volcanic beaches. The crescent shape of the island emerged as a result of volcanic eruptions that took place about five hundred years ago, causing great damage to the civilizations of the period.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, it also attracts a lot of attention with its vibrant nightlife and wines. If you have time and an interest in wine, we definitely recommend you to visit the wineries on the island. The most important beaches are : Monolithos, Avis, Kamari, Perivolos and Vlychada. In addition to its beaches, you have the chance to visit many archaeological museums and churches .
Photo tours are also organized on the island, which offers unique materials for photography enthusiasts, with traditional buildings built on volcanic rocks, colorful domed churches, breathtaking landforms and beaches that have emerged as a result of volcanic eruptions and collapses.

The ancient city of Akrotiri, on the other hand, is well preserved and attracts the attention of history buffs with its many finds. The city also represents one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the eastern Mediterranean.

You can reach the island by plane from Athens or by ferry from Piraeus Port; Air travel takes 40 minutes, and ferries take an average of 4 hours. 


The island, which is one of the leading preferences of young people who want to have a sea holiday, attracts attention with its beautiful sandy beaches and nightlife crowned with night parties that last until the early hours of the morning. You can find many nightclubs and restaurants in Mykonos, which has a very small center. Some of the beaches with an average of 25 on the island are Paradise, Elia, Agrari, Ano, Kalafatis, Kapari, Palanga and Psarou. You can easily reach many beaches with the biggest bus station located in Fabrikos square.

The buildings are very close to each other and the streets are narrow. We can say that the reason for this architecture is the need for protection from pirates. The houses are white in color, as on most Greek islands. You can breathe the air of the island by taking a relaxing stroll among these white, small and colorfully shuttered houses on the narrow cobblestone streets.

There is also a pretty coastal settlement on the island called Little Venice .
In the city center, the Archeology Museum, where many artifacts from the Hellenic Period are exhibited, as well as the Folklore Museum, serving in a 1700-year-old historical building, are among the main museums. There are many churches on the island, but the most notable church is the Parapotiani Church at the top .

You can come to the island by plane from Athens, take the ferry from Piraeus Port, or take a direct flight from Istanbul during the summer season. 

Rhodes (Rodos)

The island where the Knights Templar was exiled is a frequently preferred Greek island because it is only 40 minutes away from Marmaris and there are regular ferry services from Fethiye. The center is divided into old and new. Although the new center has an urbanized structure, it will take you to the Middle Ages with its old city structures within the walls of Rhodes Castle. It should be noted that the old city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List . The Grand Masters Palace, the administrative center of the Rhodes knights, is also located at the highest point of the Old Town. Also on the island are the 700-year-old Virgin Mary Church and the Ottoman period ruins, the Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Mosque.

Siana and Salakos villages, on the other hand, are residential areas that attract the attention of tourists, contain historical structures, and also host many shops where you can shop.

The gigantic Rhodes Statue, considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, was also here at the time.
By visiting the Butterfly Valley on the island, you have the chance to see dozens of butterfly species together. Lindos, located in the south-east of the island, is far from the center, but has the oldest Acropolis after Athens, and at the same time has a wonderful beach. Kamiros, on the other hand, is another important region of the island, where there are city ruins from the Hellenistic period.

Kos (Kos)

The island of Kos, the hometown of Hippocrates, who is considered the father of medical science, is another of the Greek islands, one of the most preferred by travelers with its numerous beautiful beaches and historical texture. The island, which is very close to Bodrum, is a holiday destination preferred by the tourists of our country. In addition to sea tourism, the historical artifacts on the island also make the island preferred in terms of cultural tourism.

In addition to many churches, mosques and other structures from the Ottoman period will also attract your attention. The most important mosques are Loziya and Defterdar Mosque.

We said the hometown of Hippocrates; According to the belief, Hippocrates gave his lectures under the giant tree in Hippocrates Square. However, it is quite possible that it was invented with the aim of making the area more attractive, because the tree is about 500 years old according to scientists, whereas Hippocrates gave his lectures much longer, about 2,500 years ago.

Neratzia Castle, which belongs to the Knights of Rhodes, and Casa Romana, which is about 1,800 years old, is located in the high part of the island and offers an insatiable visit for history buffs. It should be noted that the region also hosts an archeology museum.

It is possible to reach Kos Island by ferry from Turgutreis and Bodrum, but it should be noted that the journey from Turgutreis takes much shorter (45 minutes).

The main beaches of the island are : Banana, Sunny, Magic, Ag. Stefanos, Paradise, Tam Tam and Camel.


The streets of Vathy, the center of the island, are also adorned with classical Greek architecture. Archeology and the wine museum are also places that must be visited if you are interested. By the way, let’s remind that the dessert wines of Samos are also world famous.

Another important feature of the island in terms of world history is that Pythogoras, the village of the famous mathematician Pythagoras, is located here. In addition to going to the city and sharing the air that this famous philosopher breathed, you can also visit its shops selling beautiful souvenirs. The product called the Pythagorean Glass is quite impressive; If you fill this glass beyond the marked point, it starts to leak from the bottom and you lose all the drink. It is thought that Pythagoras designed this goblet to teach people to be content with little.

At the end of the marina of Pythogoras, there is a statue of Pythagoras. There is one of the oldest tunnels in the world called Eualinos, which is very short distance from the city. Let’s also mention that there is a fee to enter the tunnel: 4-5 Euros
Kokkari is another touristic part of the island. Again, it is a holiday paradise with its beaches and restaurants.
There are daily trips to Samos island from Kusadasi, the journey is 1.5 hours and the price is 40 Euros.  

Başlıca beaches : Psili Ammos, Tsamadu, Lemonakia and Gagaou.

Chios (Gum)

As the name suggests, Chios island is famous for its gum trees. You can take the ferry to Chios, which is very close to Izmir, in about 45 minutes. It is an island visited by many tourists, thanks to its proximity and the ease of visa provided by Greece for the islands.

Maesta and Pirgi are among the most important residential areas. Nea Moni Monastery, which is about a thousand years old and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List , is another must-see.

As in other Greek names, the people of Chios have equipped the city with narrow streets to protect them from pirates. You can see old small, charming Greek houses all over the island.

There are many large and small beaches on the island. Some of these beaches are Beach Club style, while others are more natural. The leading beaches are as follows: Ayia Dinami, Glari, Lithi, Yiosonas, Nagos and Ayia Fotini. 

Lesvos (Mytilene)

Located in the north of the Aegean Sea, Lesvos is the largest and greenest island after Crete. It contains beautiful fruit gardens. It is also known as the Emerald Island with its very green appearance compared to other islands.
There are regular ferry services to Lesvos from Ayvalık, Dikili and Akçay. The best way to travel on the island, which is very easily accessible, is to rent a car, which costs around 40-50 Euros per day. Thus, you can easily reach the quieter and more natural parts of the island from the rather complicated center.

It is possible to taste all kinds of ouzo, the traditional drink of Greece, on this island, because Lesvos is the most important center where ouzo is produced.

As can be expected, there are many churches on the island. There is also a mosque from the Ottoman period and an Ottoman bazaar.

Although the island already resembles an open-air museum with its narrow cobbled streets and historical houses, if you are interested in natural history, we recommend you to visit the Natural History Museum in Sigri. The museum entrance fee is 5 Euros.
Agiasos, on the other hand, is a place to visit for those who want to see a charming Greek village and buy handcrafted souvenirs.
If you don’t want to waste a lot of time on the road for short-term vacations and like to get to know different cultures, Lesvos can be an ideal choice for you. 

Crete (Crete)

Crete is the largest island in Greece , located in the south of the Being a world-famous tourism center, Crete has a rich population of historical buildings, as it is home to the oldest civilizations in history, as well as being under Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman rule. The Venetian Castle, Hagia Irene Pass and other archaeological sites are the main tourist attractions. The cities of Iraklio and Chania (Yes, this is Hanya, which is mentioned in the words “You will see Chania, Konya”) also contain historically valuable works. Especially with the historical streets of Chania, it is perfect to take you on a journey through time. Crete is also a residential area with many museums: Crete Natural History Museum, Crete Archeology Museum, Crete History Museum and Knossos Open Air Museum.

The nightlife of Crete, where you can find many hotels and restaurants, is also very colorful and vibrant, as it is a world-renowned center .

When it comes to the Greek island, there is no need to mention once again the existence of unique beaches. It is possible to enjoy the blue Mediterranean waters to the fullest on the unique beaches of Crete, where nature is generous. Let’s give additional information that the coastline with Europe’s largest palm forests is called Palm Beach.

It is possible to go to Crete by connecting from Athens or Thessaloniki. However, keep in mind that you will take a 9-hour sea journey from Athens’ Piraeus Port to reach Crete. There are three airports in Crete, 40-50 minutes away if you wish to save time. You can also choose to travel by plane. 

We have come to the end of the list of places to visit in Greece , you can reach the travel guide. 

Greece Nightlife

The nightlife of the Greeks, who love to have fun, is, of course, quite colorful. When it comes to entertainment, classical venues in sirtaki come to mind first, but nightclubs and discos, especially in Athens, organize programs for young people and tourists. Below we have compiled the most popular entertainment venues for you:


  • Stavros Tou Noto (Athens): A place where rock music concerts are held.
  • Rebetiki Istoria (Atina): Taverna
  • Vinilio (Athens): Disko
  • Armida Bar (Crete): The bar serving inside the ship is quite interesting.
  • Bassoon (Crete): Caz Bar
  • Town Club (Santorini): Night Club
  • Enigma (Santorini): Disko
  • La Notte Club (Mykonos): Greek Music
  • Caprice (Mykonos): Bar ve restaurant
  • Country Life Bar (Rhodes)
  • Beer Academy (Chios)
  • Tropical Island Club (Kos)
  • Hamam (Kos): A bar built by restoring an old Ottoman bath.
  • Iera Odos Art Cafe Bar (Samos)

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